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CDL’s ongoing efforts in promoting environmental conservation amongst the community-at-large have seen an increased interest, support and participation by public and private organisations alike.

An example of our green initiatives includes Project: Eco-Office, which CDL initiated with the Singapore Environment Council in 2002, with the aim of helping businesses to go green in the office. Companies are also encouraged to participate in an online green office audit and when ready, a formal office audit is conducted by an independent auditor, with successful companies awarded the Eco-Office Label (previously known as Green Office Label) certification.

Through the wide distribution of the Eco-Office Kit, launch of an online Eco-Office Audit, Green Office Label Certification and numerous awareness campaigns, some 110 offices have received the Eco-Office Certificates to date, a commendable number from just four awardees (including CDL), when it was first launched.

As the issue of climate change grows increasingly dire, CDL’s environmental outreach efforts have been expanded, especially in targeting the youth. Back for the fourth year in 2013, CDL E-Generation Challenge drew over 500 youths to CDL’s annual green rally which aims to provide youths a fun platform to foster eco-consciousness.

Education has always been a key driver in our initiatives and we try also to raise the level of eco-consciousness amongst the community. Since day one, City Square Mall has been conceptualized with environmental sustainability in mind. Aside from extensive green innovations, there are also simple environmental message and eco-tips spread throughout the mall.

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