CDL’s Annual Staff Day is a fantastic platform for staff to interact with each other and bond through fun-filled team building games such as the “Best Dressed Team Competition”. Managing Director Mr Kwek Leng Joo shares a jubilant moment with the winning team on the Staff Day 2006.

Recognising that human capital is its key asset, CDL is committed to hire the best talent; develop capabilities; reward for best performance; and encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.


CDL employees are given opportunities for self development and improvement through sponsorship of part-time post-graduate and diploma programmes. We constantly seek to nurture our people through continual self development with strong emphasis on training and development. Several people management skills workshops centred on teambuilding, leadership and communication relationship management were held to equip staff with the right knowledge and skill sets to operate effectively. Functional skills training courses in areas of financial and information systems were also conducted.

In line with the Company’s CSR initiatives towards youth development, CDL also actively supports the Scholarships Programmes and students’ industrial attachment from the polytechnics and universities. Through such initiatives, we hope to inspire and nurture the younger generation to join the industry.


The CDL senior management is committed to facilitate employee communications which helps to break barriers and build bonds. The Managing Director and senior management team holds staff dialogue sessions with new employees regularly. There is also an orientation programme to familiarise them with CDL’s vision, mission, corporate culture and key operations.

CDL continues to seek innovative ways to improve employee communication as well as staff bonding and team work. Staff Connect @ CDL, a task force made up of staff representatives across various departments, organises activities aimed at reinforcing staff’s sense of belonging and team spirit. This includes the exciting “Annual Staff Day”, which saw the enthusiastic participation of staff as well as the set up of a comfortable recreational lounge for employees which has been well-utilised as a venue for lunch-time self-improvement and social activities.


CDL recognises that work-life harmony creates a quality, motivated and dedicated workforce. Last year, a training programme was arranged for all line managers and supervisors to learn how to effectively manage their teams’ work-life issues. Various family-friendly policies had been put in place to help employees balance their workload with other demands in their life. These include flexible work options, maternity, paternity and childcare leave. In 2006, a nursing room for mothers was set up at its headquarters. We also negotiated with childcare service providers within the workplace vicinity to provide attractive rates for employees. We also offer financial assistance schemes and even discounted membership rates for fitness centres.

We have a dedicated worklife committee to plan and execute family-friendly and health-related policies and programmes which include free weekly aerobics classes, monthly fruity day, health and family talks, family day trips, annual health screening for staff and their families. An annual health and lifestyle survey is conducted to find out employees’ worklife needs. Programmes and policies are planned to meet the needs arising from such surveys. For our consistent efforts CDL was awarded “The Singapore Health Award” (Gold) for two consecutive years, 2005 and 2006.

As a firm advocate for National Service (NS) activities, CDL has various schemes in place to recognise NSmen’s contributions. For example, the dollar-for-dollar matching of the SAF monetary reward when they perform well in their IPPT and even a full day’s leave on the day of their IPPT. To encourage NSmen employees to sign up as SAFRA members, CDL subsidises 50% of the Annual Membership fee. In recognition for our consistent and unequivocal support to national defence, CDL was presented the prestigious “Minister for Defence Award”, the highest accolade accorded to employers at the Total Defence Awards Ceremony in 2006. In addition, we have been awarded the MHA Award for NSmen’s Employers from 2003 to 2006 for our support and contribution towards National Service activities in the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force.