Recognising that employees are the foundation of its business, CDL strongly believes in cultivating and enhancing this valuable human asset. More than building new career horizons for its employees, CDL is committed to creating a positive workplace where employees work in an inclusive environment and are
rewarded fairly.

CDL has a workforce of over 300 employees in Singapore. In addition to upholding the UN Global Compact principles on human rights and labour, CDL practices fair employment and is a signatory of the Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices with The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices since 2008.


In addition to attracting new talent, CDL has in place a comprehensive strategy focused on talent retention and cultivation. CDL constantly seeks to nurture its employees and fulfill their potential through continual self assessment with strong emphasis on training and development.

This multi-pronged approach has proven effective in talent retention: CDL’s employee turnover in 2008 is 17.1%, which is much lower than the national average of 25.2%.


CDL believes in developing employee engagement strategies to drive the message of connectivity and commitment into the hearts and minds of its employees. These strategies are categorised into three dimensions: Work-Life Harmony, Workplace Health and Staff Bonding.

Supporting Work-Life Harmony

Acknowledging the business benefits of helping employees manage their work-life harmony, CDL recognises that a good work-life culture supports the changing needs and demands of the new generation workforce that views work flexibility as amongst the most important factors influencing their choice of employer.

CDL employees enjoy a wide range of benefits and programmes that enhance work-life harmony, such as flexiwork arrangements including flexi-hours where employees may choose their working hours within management-set limits and permanent part-time work arrangements. In 2008, the months of May and June were designated as “CDL Family Months”, where a series of family-life activities were held to promote a balanced work-life culture amongst employees.

In recognition of its excellence in work-life strategies and commitment to helping employees harmonise work and personal needs, CDL was presented the Work-Life Excellence Award in 2008 by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy.

Promoting Mental and Physical Well-Being

CDL has a dedicated work-life committee, comprising employee representatives across all departments, that plans and executes family-friendly and health-related programmes. In 2008, it initiated the “Healthy Mind, Happy Life” programme, where a series of initiatives, such as lunch-time talks on mental wellness, provision of counselling services, office stretching exercises, monthly fruits/snack distributions and weekly exercise classes, aimed at promoting its employees mental and physical well-being, were introduced.

At the Singapore H.E.A.L.T.H. (Helping Employees Achieve Life- Time Health) Awards 2008, CDL was presented the Platinum Award, the highest award tier, in recognition of its outstanding programmes to encourage employees to lead healthy and vibrant lives.

Fostering Open Communication and Bonding

To foster a collaborative atmosphere of trust and to promote open communication, CDL encourages its employees to participate actively in its various employee engagement channels from the start of their careers.

New employees undergo an orientation programme to familiarise them with CDL’s corporate culture and ethics, and participate in dialogue sessions held by the Managing Director and senior management team. Other internal platforms for communication include “CDL Insight”, a monthly forum introduced in 2008 to help employees develop a better understanding of departmental functions, while simultaneously encouraging an exchange of ideas amongst employees.

Through social activities organised by employee-managed committees such as StaffConnect (SC) and City Sunshine Club (CSC), employees have the opportunity to bond outside of work. SC, a task force made up of representatives from various departments, organises activities that foster a sense of belonging and promote team work amongst employees; while CSC is CDL’s employee volunteer club that promotes the spirit of volunteerism through community work with long-standing beneficiaries such as Assisi Hospice.
CDL encourages a corporate culture that gives back with employees empowered to volunteer their time, talents and resources.
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