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Commercial Properties Tenure Site Area
(Sq. Metres)
Approximate Lettable/
Gross Floor Area
(Sq. Metres)
Effective Group Interest
Republic Plaza the flagship of CDL, is a state-of-the-art intelligent office tower at Raffles Place, in the heart of Singapore’s financial district. 999-year lease 6,765 73,231 100
Central Mall comprises a cluster of conservation shophouses at Havelock Road/Magazine Road. 99-year lease wef 15.05.1993 4,806 5,103 100
Central Mall (Office Tower) is a 7-storey office-cum-retail building located at Havelock Road/ Magazine Road. Freehold 2,828 12,226 100
New Tech Park is a high-technology industrial park at Lorong Chuan, off Braddell Road. 999-year lease 39,798 56,279 42.8
City House is a 23-storey office building situated at Robinson Road/Cross Street within the Central Business District. 999-year lease 1,272 14,601 100
Fuji Xerox Towers is a part 15-storey/part 38-storey commercial office building situated at the intersection of Anson Road, Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Road and Bernam Street, near the western fringe of the Central Business District. Freehold 5,394 33,116 100
Plaza-By-The-Park is an 11-storey commercial building located at 51 Bras Basah Road. 999-year lease 4,972 22,417 100
Chinatown Point is a 25-storey commercial complex comprising two 5-storey shopping podium blocks, a 20-storey office tower and two basement levels. It is located at New Bridge Road in Chinatown. 99-year lease wef 12.11.1980 9,206 16,898 100
Palais Renaissance is a 16-storey retail-cum-office complex with 3 basements located at Orchard Road. Freehold 3,175 10,241 100
GB Building is a 28-storey office building located at 143 Cecil Street. 99-year lease wef 12.10.1982 2,583 7,650 100
Delfi Orchard is an 11-storey commercial-cum-residential complex located at Orchard Road. Freehold 1,882 6,253 100
Citilink Warehouse Complex is an 8-storey warehouse located at Pasir Panjang Road.
Freehold 14,152 9,597 100
Cideco Industrial Complex is an 8-storey industrial building located at Genting Lane.
Freehold 5,478 12,483 100
Pantech 21 is a computer centre located at Pandan Loop. 99-year lease
99-year lease wef 27.01.1984 6,900 12,916 100
City Industrial Building is an 11-storey flatted factory building at Tannery Lane.
Freehold 3,150 11,841 100
Tanglin Shopping Centre is a shopping-cum-office complex situated at Tanglin Road within the Orchard Road tourist district. The Group also owns 325 carpark lots.
Freehold 6,365 6,285 54
The Arcade is a 20-storey office-cum-shopping complex situated at Collyer Quay within the Central Business District.
999-year lease 2,035 4,411 100
Katong Shopping Centre is a 7-storey shopping-cum-office complex situated along Mountbatten Road.The Group also owns 323 carpark lots.
Freehold 8,167 8,280 100
Tagore 23 Warehouse is a 4-storey warehouse located at Tagore Lane. Freehold 7,418 12,066 100
King’s Centre is an 8-storey office-cum-retail waterfront development located at Havelock Road, along the Singapore River. 99-year lease wef 09.02.1984 5,186 8,341 100
The Corporate Office is a 21-storey office building situated at the junction of Robinson Road and McCallum Street, within the Central Business District.
Freehold 1,490 10,178 99
Grand Copthorne Waterfront is a 30-storey, 574-room hotel-cum-retail waterfront development, located at Havelock/Kim Seng Road, along the Singapore River.
Freehold (Retail)
interest (Hotel)
10,860 2,835 (Retail)
46,169 (Hotel)
The St. Regis Singapore is a 20-storey 299-room luxury hotel that is located at Tanglin Road/Tomlinson Road.
999 years 6,677 30,844 33
Le Grove is the Group’s first serviced apartments project located at Orange Grove Road, off Orchard Road.
Freehold 8,012 8,921 100
Umeda Pacific Building is an 11-storey commercial building located in the prime business district of Osaka, Japan.
Freehold 887 6,396 100
Millennium Hilton Bangkok is a 32-storey 544-room hotel-cum-retail waterfront development located at Charoen Nakorn Road, along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand.
Freehold 10,104 78,345 17
Exchange Tower is a 42-storey retail-cum-office building located in the prime business district at Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand.
Freehold 6,464 40,912 39
Tianjin Junyi Plaza Tower 2 is a 36-storey office building located at Junyi Road, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China (PRC).
50 years 4,678 35,501 100
Iris Congress Hotel comprises a 8-storey 211-room hotel and a 9-storey 44-unit apartment building located at Korovinskoe Chausee, Moscow, Russia.
49 years 26,714 27,254 50
The Biltmore Court & Tower is situated at 500/520 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Freehold 4,417 34,249 54
Humen International Cloth Centre comprises 145 commerical units and 11 serviced apartments located in Boyong Village, Guangdong, PRC. Leasehold expiring 2063 42,293 3,466 21
Fuogang City Spring comprises 367 commerical units and 12 residential blocks under development located in Shijiao District, Guangdong, PRC. Leasehold expiring 2075 52,257 21,629 21
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