Human Resource Review
At CDL, we believe that highly qualified and motivated employees will help us scale even greater heights. This is why we are committed to cultivating and enhancing our employees, through a system of continuous training and development, rewards and engagement.


CDL believes in developing our employees and helping them achieve their potential, so that they can contribute to the success of the organisation. The Company has in place policies that provide employees with opportunities for professional development and skills improvement, such as the sponsorship of full-time training courses and part-time certificated programmes, and also conducts an annual training needs analysis.


CDL strives to be an employer of choice, attracting, developing and retaining talents with attractive career, performance and reward opportunities. Our performance management system ensures that good performers are identified and rewarded appropriately. We offer fair and competitive remuneration packages based on employees’ competencies and expected roles and responsibilities. In addition, CDL continues to offer full remuneration to older employees above 60 years of age, even though the Singapore Retirement Act gives Singapore employers the discretion to reduce wages when extending employment to those beyond 60.


CDL recognises that engaged employees who are motivated and committed will help to move the organisation forward. A variety of employee engagement programmes help to reinforce our care, connectivity and commitment:

Promoting Well-Being Through Workplace Health& Work-Life Harmony

Over the years, CDL has initiated a range of dynamic workplace health and work-life benefits and programmes that encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle and help them juggle their professional and personal commitments.

CDL’s dedicated work-life committee plans and executes family-friendly and health-related programmes which include free aerobics classes, monthly Fruity or Snack Day and annual health screening. It also has in place family-friendly policies, such as flexible start-and-end work-hours options, paternity and examination leave. The availability of a nursing room for returning female employees with newborn children and our CDL Family Month (with a series of family focused programmes, such as Eat-With Your Family Day, family trips and talks) also enable employees to better manage needs and relationship with their families.

In 2010, we launched a 3-month “Treasure Your Mind” campaign (with a series of mental wellness focused activities such as Yoga breathing exercises, on-site shoulder and neck massage), a “Let’s Share” contest where employees shared personal tips on coping with various mental related issues, and a “Care our Caregivers” workshop programme providing hands-on tips as caregivers. We also launched a “Health Report Card” campaign encouraging employees to participate in sports and health events organised by the company to keep fit, such as the 3-month “I Take Charge” campaign, a weight management programme which saw 68% of participants achieving a reduction in their weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) at the end of the campaign.

For our consistent efforts, CDL has successfully attained the biennial Work-Life Excellence Award 2008 and 2010 as well as the H.E.A.L.T.H Platinum Award in 2008 (which provides for exemption in 2010).

CDL was again conferred the Work-Life Excellence Award by The Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy.

Bonding Through Social and Recreational Activities

CDL employees are enthusiastic in participating in the various activities organised by the staff committee “Staff Connect”, comprising representatives from various departments, to foster a closely-knit workforce within the Company.

City Sunshine Club, CDL’s employee volunteer club, also organised a slew of activities which provided employees with the opportunity to volunteer their time to help those in need, providing a platform for strengthening employee communication, team work and staff bonding.

The Hong Leong Olympics, organised by the Hong Leong Group Sports & Recreation Club, also saw active participation from CDL employees, and helped to reinforce their sense of belonging and nurture a strong team spirit. CDL is proud to have clinched the overall championship in this annual sports event for the 4th consecutive year.

Engaging Through Regular Communication

Apart from CDL’s orientation programme, which familiarises new employees with the Company’s vision, mission, corporate culture and key operations and helps them assimilate quickly into the organisation, dialogue sessions between the Managing Director, senior management and new employees also create opportunities for relationship building and establishing engagement. Internal communication channels like CDLNet, City News and newsflashes provide employees with up-to-date information concerning the organisation. Other internal platforms to encourage feedback and open communication include the VoiceBox, a suggestion forum where employees can provide feedback.