City Developments Limited
We value our employees as they contribute to the continued and sustained growth of CDL. We are committed to being an employer of choice through competitive remuneration, and developing, engaging and caring for employees.


CDL believes in developing our people to be competent and professional. It is our ongoing commitment to develop our people holistically through multiple platforms.

As an employer of choice, CDL maintains competitive remuneration for our employees through regular salary benchmarking with the market and within the industry.

Learning and Development
Learning and development is an important aspect of the training roadmap for all CDL employees. Training needs analysis is conducted annually to establish the necessary training intervention to level up competencies and professional knowledge. In 2014, CDL employees clocked an average of four training days per employee. CDL also sponsored employees to upgrade their educational qualifications.

Talent Management
Developing a robust talent pool is crucial to strengthening CDL’s position as a leading property developer. As part of our talent management strategy, the CDL Leadership Programme was implemented to develop high-potential employees. The People Manager programme was also introduced in 2014 to build up our leadership pool.

Sponsorships Scheme and Internships
CDL works closely with local polytechnics and universities to offer internship placements for their students. This is one of the many ways CDL attracts young and promising talents. We provide students with exposure to a professional work environment. This helps CDL gain mind share when these students explore their career choices upon graduation.

CDL also offers the Building and Construction Authority- CDL Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarships to promising students who possess excellent academic results and are keen to pursue a career in the real estate industry.


CDL places high value on our employees’ engagement, ensuring that they remain engaged, committed and motivated. Bi-annual Employee Engagement Surveys are conducted to acquire feedback and insights into employee-related concerns. CDL’s success in employee engagement is evident from the high Employee Engagement Score, which is above the national average.

CDL’s management also believes in maintaining regular communication channels with employees. The Chief Executive Officer and senior management hold regular dialogues with employees to share management insights and gather feedback.

We conduct regular surveys via our intranet to seek employees’ feedback on corporate activities. The feedback is taken into account when planning future activities. Employees also use the interactive features of the intranet to share interesting information on food reviews and travel itineraries. This encourages an open and fun work-life culture at CDL.


The emotional and physical well-being of employees are integral to our constant strive for performance and organisational excellence. By providing a healthy work-life culture, CDL employees can better balance their personal and professional commitments. Flexi-working hours arrangements allow employees to manage their family and work commitments more effectively and meaningfully. HR constantly reviews staff benefits and implements enhancements to attract, retain and engage employees.

CDL takes an employee-led approach for our wellness programmes, as it promotes cohesiveness and allows employees to participate in the decision-making and implementation of staff activities. A staff committee known as Staff Connect, made up of representatives from various departments, together with Human Resource department, actively promotes Work-Life strategies and initiatives.

CDL staff volunteers in high spirits at the Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day 2014.

In line with CDL’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, CDL encourages and provides opportunities for employees to participate in community service programmes through our employee volunteer platform, City Sunshine Club. In 2014, CDL employees clocked 3,005 hours in various community service programmes. For example, CDL supported Assisi Hospice in the annual Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day and also partnered People’s Association and the Marine Parade Cluster to organise the “Click and Care Photo Walk” for children and youths from low-income families.