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As our employees represent the foundation of our business, CDL strongly believes in cultivating and enhancing this valuable human asset. We are committed to creating a positive workplace where employees work in an inclusive environment and are rewarded fairly.

CDL has a workforce of over 300 employees in Singapore. In addition to upholding the UN Global Compact principles on human rights and labour, CDL practices fair employment and will be joining 600 companies in Singapore to sign the Employers Pledge for Fair Employment with The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP)(1) in mid-2008.

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) was formed in May 2006 to promote non-discriminatory employment practices and to shift mindsets among employers, employees and the general public towards fair employment practices for all workers. Members include employer representatives, union leaders and government officials.


Reflecting CDL’s policy on non-discrimination and fairness, we adhere to strict guidelines in the recruitment process when new employees are needed. Recruitment advertisements placed in the newspapers and recruiting websites will have no mention of gender, ethnic, age and nationality preferences.

Employees are eligible to benefits in accordance with the Employment Act in Singapore. Even though the Employment Act does not cover managerial, executive or confidential staff, we extend to them the same or even better benefits.

Remuneration and Bonuses
CDL believes in hiring the best talent. Employees are offered a mutually-agreed remuneration package based on their experience and the responsibilities that they undertake within the organisation. The overall
package is performance-driven and is not based on seniority. Employees are awarded bonuses of different quantums according to their performance rated by their Head of Department. These quantums are moderated and endorsed by Senior Management with input from Human Resource Department.

Extending the Retirement Age
Under the Singapore Retirement Age Act, employees who are 62 years old and due for retirement will be able to continue their employment on a yearly contract if they are performing and certified medically fit. The Act also provides Singapore employers with the discretion to reduce their wages by up to 10% when extending employment beyond 60 years to help ease the cost burden.

Valuing the experience and knowledge of our older employees, CDL not only continues to employ our medically fit employees who turn 62 years old and above, the Company appreciates the value of our employees and as a caring employer, continues to extend full pay to them.


CDL is proud to have a strong workforce with a diverse background well spread out in terms of gender, age group and educational profile. This places CDL in an ideal position to maximise the talents our employees bring to the Company. The strength and success of the Company is not attributed to any one individual but is based on a robust and competent team that works well together.

Gender Profile
Practicing a non-discriminatory policy, CDL has more female than male employees who are also well represented across the ranks. For instance, at the most senior level, 11 of the 20 Heads of Departments are led by females.

Age Profile
The majority of the CDL workforce is between the ages of 31 and 50. However, we believe that regardless of age, all employees make a valuable contribution the Company. Older employees offer vast experience and knowledge while fresh ideas can be injected by new blood. Younger employees can also be “mentored” and learn the ropes from their older colleagues to ensure that there will be continuity with regard to succession.

Educational Profile
CDL has been able to attract and retain a dynamic and well-qualified workforce which gives the Company a fundamental competitive edge. About 72% of our employees hold tertiary qualifications and above (this includes holders of Diploma, Degree and Masters qualifications).


CDL develops the potential and capabilities of our employees. We constantly seek to nurture our people through continual self assessment with strong emphasis on training and self-development.

With good teamwork and support by our employees, CDL emerged champion in Hong Leong Olympics 2007, an annual sports event held by our parent company.

A training needs analysis is conducted annually to identify the needs and desires of our employees. People management skills workshops centred on teambuilding, leadership, communication relationship management and creative problem solving skills are held to equip employees with the right knowledge to operate effectively. Functional skills training courses in areas of financial and information systems are also conducted.

In 2007, 1,193 hours were dedicated to CSR and environmental-related training. This includes participation in the UN Global Business Summit for Environment (B4E) Conference, NVPC and CSR Conference 2007, BCA Green Mark Seminar on Eco-Buildings Conference 2007, Safety in Construction – Broader Perspectives and New Innovations, Clean Energy and Sustainable Development, etc.

CDL employees are given opportunities for self development and improvement. To encourage employees to grow with the Company, we do consider supporting our employees who wish to further their studies through sponsorship of part-time academic or certifiable courses relevant to the employee’s area of work, with a training bond of usually one year with the Company after completion of the course. In 2007, one employee received sponsorship for his Bachelor Degree in Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

In line with CDL’s CSR initiatives towards youth development, we also support scholarship programmes and student’s industrial attachment from the polytechnics and universities. Through such initiatives, we hope to inspire and nurture the younger generation to join the industry.

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