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Over the past 40 years, CDL has been nurturing valuable relationships with our stakeholders. As a leading property developer in Singapore, we strive towards delivering beyond what is expected as part of our business philosophy. At the heart of our corporate culture is a focus on 5 core values – leadership, innovation, quality, service excellence and eco-consciousness. Our stakeholders have come to trust and depend on us to protect their interests and to go the extra mile.

Towards this commitment, CDL has adopted a 3-pronged approach as part of our corporate green strategy to develop quality residential and commercial properties with environmental sustainability in mind, manage properties in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way as well as to influence the stakeholders through our green outreach initiatives.


In the development of our real estate projects, we look beyond the bottom line. We believe in creating meaningful products that can add value to our customers.

To achieve this and to drive sustainable business growth, CDL has been building properties that not only satisfy the lifestyle and business requirements of our customers but has taken one step further by anticipating, identifying and satisfying their needs in the future.

This way, CDL creates high-quality properties that help give the Company a competitive advantage as well as enhance the value of the property for our customers.

Innovative and Quality Green Spaces
In Singapore, CDL has been leading the industry by building with environmental sustainability in mind as early as the mid 1990s. However, it was (and remains) a challenging time as the local industry was not fully geared towards environmental sustainability and it was an uphill task to find experts and support in this area. The majority of customers was also indifferent to the importance of the issue. On the up side, these mindsets are slowly changing in Singapore as there is increased awareness and drive towards being an eco-city.

BCA introduced the Green Mark(1) scheme in January 2005. It is a scheme that assesses the environmental impact and performance of buildings and promotes the development of more eco-friendly buildings to create a more sustainable built environment in Singapore.

It was started as a voluntary programme initially,in order to further promote the construction of green buildings in Singapore. However, from 15 April 2008, it is mandatory for all new buildings and existing ones that undergo major retrofitting to meet the minimum Green Mark certification standards.

However, even before the legislation for new properties to meet Green Mark requirements was introduced, CDL was convinced that green properties should not only be ecofriendly to build but should incorporate green features to mitigate the environmental impact of the building’s lifespan. With this goal in mind, we developed our first Eco-Condo, Savannah CondoPark, which was launched for sale in November 2002. In recognition of our pioneering green efforts, we received the BCA Green Mark Gold Award for Savannah CondoPark.

(1) For more information about Green Mark, please go to

CDL’s first Eco-Condo, Savannah CondoPark, is the first development to have achieved triple success at the BCA Awards – having been awarded the Green Mark Gold, Best Buildable Design and Construction Excellence Awards.
Savannah CondoPark features many eco-friendly attributes which include:

First Photovoltaic Panels in a condominium in Singapore to power the lights and water-heater in the Clubhouse

Pneumatic Waste Collection System for odourless and vector-free collection of domestic waste

Carbon Monoxide sensors in the carpark to activate the ventilation fans

Green landscape features such as an ecological pond, transplanted trees, green retaining wall, over 100 animal sculptures made from recycled copper

Designated recycling corners

Energy-saving light fittings and air-conditioning systems

The incorporation of many of the features above such as the pneumatic waste disposal system and multiple recycling corners have become standard fare in all our new developments. In fact, Parc Emily which is to be completed this year, will be the first development in Singapore to offer a twin-chute waste collection system for the separation of domestic waste and recyclable items.

In 2007, CDL was also the first private developer to receive the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award for City Square Mall (commercial) – Singapore’s first Eco-mall and The Oceanfront @ Sentosa Cove (private residential) development. The BCA Green Mark Platinum Award is the highest recognition given to exemplary green projects. For details on these two projects, please refer to page 3 of this section.

CDL has attained the most BCA Green Mark Awards accorded to a single private developer. Since the Award was introduced in 2005, 26 CDL projects have been awarded a BCA Green Mark. This works out to over 20% of all BCA Green Mark awards accorded to-date.

The BCA Green Mark Awards Conferred to CDL Projects from 2005 – 2008:
Botannia Parc Emily
Buckley 18* Republic Plaza
Butterworth 33 Residences @ Evelyn
Central Mall (Office Tower) Savannah CondoPark
City House Shelford Suites
City Square Residences St. Regis Hotel & Residences, Singapore
City Square Mall Tampines Grande
Cliveden at Grange The Oceanfront @ Sentosa Cove
Fuji Xerox Towers The Pier at Robertson
Monterey Park The Sail @ Marina Bay
One Shenton The Solitaire
Palais Renaissance Tribeca
Pantech 21 Wilkie Studio
*Project managed by CDL    

Currently, we invest between 2% and 5% of the construction cost of a project in green design and features. This is a positive investment as society benefits from the reduced environmental impact. Customers can also enjoy financial savings with the decreased reliance on natural resources, not forgetting the possible increase in capital value of the property.

Feedback on the green features installed have been increasingly positive. It is our goal to further tap on emerging technologies to improve the environmental performance of our projects as well as to incorporate state-of-the-art green features to benefit our customers and environment.

Pioneering New Lifestyle Concepts
CDL believes in keeping close tabs on changing global trends. We enhance and augment our business performance by pioneering refreshing new living concepts that elevate the quality of life for our customers.

The Equatorial

– Interactive, Internet-ready and Intelligent
Home Office
The Pier at Robertson

– To Live, Work and Play
Savannah CondoPark

– Eco-friendly and Community friendly
Branded Residences
St. Regis Residences

– Sophisticated, Elegant and Ultra-luxurious living
IT infrastructure was
incorporated in anticipation of
greater IT demands at home
Chic living in the heart of the city in a home that could easily double up as an office Developed as a showcase of a green home that was affordable and user-friendly for customers Raising the benchmark of luxury living by introducing Singapore’s first branded residence

Outstanding Community-Friendly Designs
With Singapore’s growing greying population, accessibility for the elderly and physically-challenged has become more essential. CDL’s goal when designing our properties is to ensure that assessibility is addressed. The result is that standard features in our developments include the availability of ramps, reduction of stairs where possible, alternative access and wide passageways etc.

For our efforts, The Pier at Robertson was awarded a Bronze Award by BCA in the inaugural Universal Design Award in 2007 for community-friendly design. The Pier was the only residential development to receive this honour. It also received the Best Buildable Design Award 2007 (Gold) by BCA.

When designing projects such as The Sail @ Marina Bay, public amenities for the community were also incorporated. For instance, to facilitate better pedestrian traffic for residents and office workers, we are currently working with the government authorities to build a 150-metre-long underground pedestrian walkway. This public underpass has been designed to link the nearby train station to the Marina Bay vicinity
via The Sail @ Marina Bay. We will also be building an additional pedestrian entrance which will lead to a public park. This easy access to the train station will also encourage the use of public transport.

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