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To be a leader in business and a champion of CSR.

To be a responsible corporate citizen who believes in creating value for stakeholders, conducting sustainable business practices, caring for the community and protecting the environment.


As a responsible corporation, it is our goal to be transparent and accountable to our stakeholders who have an interest in our operations.

Our Customers:
To provide quality and innovative products, unsurpassed service and value for money.

Our Investors:
To maintain profitability and achieve optimum returns for their investment.

Our Employees:
To maximise their potential and care for their personal well-being and career development.

Our Suppliers:
To select based on quality work and their ability to complement our commitment to environment, health and safety.

The Community:
To serve the community we operate in so as to create a better place for all, especially caring for the less fortunate, enhancing youth development, promoting the arts and conserving the environment.


As a leading property developer in Singapore for over 45 years, we strive towards delivering beyond what is expected. At the heart of our corporate vision is a focus on five core values - leadership in innovation, quality, service excellence, profitability and CSR. Our stakeholders have come to trust and depend on us to protect their interests and to go the extra mile.

CDL has been nurturing valuable relationships with our stakeholders. Towards this commitment, we have adopted a three-pronged approach as part of our corporate CSR strategy to develop quality residential and commercial properties with environmental sustainability in mind, to manage properties in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way as well as to influence our stakeholders through our outreach initiatives.

In this report, we will share our management approaches and stakeholder engagement practices which have enabled us to improve on our policies. With stakeholders' feedback, we have been able to develop positive long-term relationships with them, which have contributed to the sustainability of our business growth.

CDL is also a firm supporter of the Government's 3P model based on the belief that synergistic collaboration between the People, Private and Public sectors will bring about greater impact, resulting in better programmes for the benefit of our society.

Thus, CDL makes it a guiding principle to actively engage our stakeholders and work closely with government agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to respond to the needs of the community.

CSR remains a concept that is quite foreign to many in Singapore although it is encouraging to see a positive growing trend of interest. In 2008, we picked up the pace and worked closely with a broad range of organisations to promote CSR in Singapore. Beyond reaching out to other corporations, we advocated the importance of CSR to the investor community, the media, the academia and the youth.

We participated in wide-ranging events such as the Merrill Lynch Rising Stars-Asian Conference on CSR, Junior Chamber International CSR Conference, Institute of Public Relations of Singapore Lunchtime Talk on CSR, Singapore Institute of International Affairs CSR and Sustainable Development Public Conference and being an industry partner for the Asian Forum on CSR. To raise CSR awareness amongst tomorrow's leaders, we participated at the Singapore Management University Forum on Sustainability in Action and for three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009, we were also a key corporate partner of "NUS CSR Awareness Week" jointly organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS) CSR Student Movement, the MBA Students' Corporate Ethics Focus Group of NUS Business School, and supported by Singapore Compact for CSR.

We continue to work closely with Singapore Compact for CSR, having remained a founding committee member since its inception in 2005. Singapore Compact functions as a national society advocating CSR among the business community through awareness dialogues and workshops.

In 2008, CDL also endorsed the United Nations (UN) Caring for Climate statement to mobilise the business community to develop solutions to reduce climate risk. CDL was also one of the founding Singapore signatories of the UN Global Compact to lend support to the advancement of responsible corporate citizenship in Singapore in 2005.

Since 2002, CDL is the only Singapore developer to remain consecutively listed on the London FTSE4Good Index Series for working towards environmental sustainability, developing positive relationships with stakeholders and upholding and supporting universal human rights.

It is our hope that by sharing our CSR experience with the community, CSR will be more commonly practiced in our society.



Raise awareness of CSR within and outside of the Company

Achieve industry leadership position in CSR in Singapore

Establish a business framework for sustainable management and innovation

Financial, Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Maintain profitability and optimum returns for investment

Ensure good corporate governance and sound risk management

Create value for investors through financial and non-financial performance

Ensure the maintenance of an internationally-based management system for business excellence
Human Resource

Improve employees' competencies, maximise their potential for career development

Create a work environment that supports a corporate culture of work-life harmony

Improve employee's health and well-being

Achieve industry leadership position in Workplace Health and Work-life initiatives in Singapore
Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

Ensure the maintenance of an international management system for the environment

Achieve industry leadership position in green buildings in Singapore

Achieve ISO 14001 targets at both corporate and operational levels
Product Responsibility

Focus and reinforce on delivering quality and innovative products

Focus and reinforce on the development of green buildings

Create products that are value for money

Provide quality customer service
Supply Chain

Proactively engage contractors and suppliers on quality of work and commitment to EHS

To serve and create a better living environment for the community

Proactively engage the community in synergistic collaborations and sustainable CSR programmes
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