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At CDL, we strive to create a workplace of choice for our employees.

With a workforce of over 300 employees in Singapore, we believe in the practice of fair employment and have signed the Employers Pledge for Fair Employment Practices with The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP)(1) in 2008 in addition to upholding the United Nations (UN) Global Compact principles on human rights and labour. Recognising that our employees make up the fabric that strengthens our Company, CDL has put in place Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help us develop a talented, motivated, happy and healthy workforce. These KPIs include improving the competencies of our employees by incorporating comprehensive programmes and policies to cultivate and develop the potential and well-being of our most valuable asset.

We also aim to create a conducive work environment that supports a corporate culture of work-life harmony and to improve the health of our employees with targets such as achieving an annual turnover rate of less than 20% and four days or less of medical leave taken per employee per year. Both these targets have been achieved in 2008. Our goal is to also be an industry leader in workplace health and work-life initiatives.

In this regard, we have made positive headway and have been winning key national and regional awards in this area.

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) was formed in May 2006 to promote non-discriminatory employment practices and to shift mindsets among employers, employees and the general public towards fair employment practices for all workers. Members include employer representatives, union leaders and government officials.


In accordance with CDL’s policy on non-discrimination and fairness, we adhere to strict guidelines in the recruitment process when new employees are needed. Recruitment advertisements placed in the newspapers and recruiting websites do not have gender, ethnic and age preferences. In 2008, there were no reports of incidence of discrimination by our employees.

CDL takes pride in having under our fold a diverse and well–represented work force which we draw on, capitalising on their strengths while nurturing their immense potential. Our success is not attributed to any one individual but to the careful development of a competent and cohesive work force.


CDL believes in equal opportunity. Therefore, it is immaterial that our work force is predominantly female as our hiring policy is based on merit. Female employees are also represented at the senior management in the Company and currently, 12 of the 21 Heads of Departments are led by females.


Employees are the backbone of a company and regardless of age, all CDL employees make a significant contribution based on their talent, expertise and experience. The majority of the CDL workforce, accounting for 60.9%, are between the ages of 31 and 50, unchanged from 2007. In the current financial turmoil, we can tap on the knowledge and experience of older employees who have gone through previous tumultuous business cycles to help offer guidance to weather out this challenging economic environment. Similarly, we have been encouraging younger employees to bring forth fresh and innovative ideas to invigorate the business and to control cost.

In spite of the increasingly challenging labour situation, CDL has continued to extend employment to employees who have past the retirement age of 62 under the Singapore Retirement Age Act. So long as they are performing up to expectations and are certified medically fit, they will be able to continue their employment on a yearly contract. 2.6% of our employees are over the age of 62. Even though the Act also provides Singapore employers with the discretion to reduce their wages by up to 10% when extending employment beyond 60 to help ease the cost burden, we value the contributions of our older employees and continue to extend full remuneration to them when they attain 60 years old.


We have been fortunate to employ and retain a vibrant, motivated and qualified work force which has been critical in providing CDL with a competitive advantage. The vast majority or about 72% of our employees hold tertiary qualifications and above (this includes holders of diploma, degree and Masters qualifications).

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