CDL continues to refine our management approach to adapt to the changing business and CSR landscape. The senior management has, within the scope of CDL's corporate operations, determined that the Environment, Employee Relations, Corporate Governance and Risk Management, Stakeholder Relations and Community constitute key CSR areas material to the business. A company-wide CSR Committee was established in 2008 and later aligned with ISO 26000: Guidance on social responsibility in 2010.

The CSR Committee is responsible for mapping out CSR strategies and measuring key performance. It initiates, drives and monitors various aspects of the Company's CSR practices to ensure these are integrated into our business operations and complements corporate objectives. Above this Committee, at the Board Level, a CSR & CG Committee was established in 2012 to assume an advisory role for the Company's CSR strategies. The CSR & CG Committee comprises three Directors, the majority of whom are independent, and is chaired by the Managing Director.




  • Raise awareness of CSR within and outside of the Company
  • Achieve industry leadership position in CSR in Singapore
  • Establish a business framework for sustainable management and innovation

Financial, Corporate Governance and Risk Management

  • Maintain profitability and optimum returns for investors
  • Ensure good corporate governance and sound risk management
  • Create value for investors through financial and non-financial performance
  • Ensure the maintenance of an internationally-based management system such as Singapore Quality Class for business excellence

Human Resource

  • Improve employees' competencies and maximise their potential for career development
  • Create a work environment that supports a corporate culture of work-life harmony
  • Improve employees' health and well-being
  • Achieve industry leadership position in Workplace Health and Work-life initiatives in Singapore

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

  • Ensure the maintenance of an international management system for the environment
  • Achieve industry leadership position in developing and maintaining green buildings in Singapore
  • Achieve ISO 14001 targets at both corporate and operational levels

Product Responsibility

  • Focus and reinforce on delivering quality and innovative products
  • Focus and reinforce commitment to the development of green buildings
  • Create products that are value for money
  • Provide quality customer service

Supply Chain

  • Proactively engage builders and suppliers on quality of work and commitment to EHS


  • Serve and create a better living environment for the community
  • Proactively engage the community through synergistic collaborations and sustainable CSR programmes


We will continue to improve on our business operations and performance through a combination of innovation and responsible business practices. In the year ahead, we are committed to leveraging on our successes to further engage stakeholders, especially in our supply chain by learning and listening. We look forward to the new guidelines to be issued by the GRI to help us in our efforts to align with international best practices.