CDL's commitment to sustainability is embodied by our three-pronged approach to develop quality and environmentally sustainable properties, manage properties in a cost-efficient and energy-efficient way and influence stakeholders through our outreach initiatives.

Beyond the development and management of our properties with environmental sustainability in mind, we undertake engagement initiatives with stakeholders involved in the life cycle of our properties with the aim of encouraging a shared responsibility, and to ensure that we become a valued partner in the community.


CDL strives to better understand our stakeholders' expectations of us and how our actions impact them. We do this by engaging with them to ensure that we can better prioritise and strategise to enhance our business and social performance to meet their expectations.

Stakeholder engagement has been an important aspect of how we do business and traditional forms of engagement, such as customer engagement surveys, investor road shows and employee dialogue have long been institutionalised through policies and processes. These approaches help us better understand the effectiveness of our activities and it is through this interaction that we have built trust and credibility. CDL defines our stakeholders as groups whom we impact through our business operations in a significant way and who have a vested interest in our operations.