GRI G3.1 - CRESS Content Index with inclusion of ISO 26000 Clauses
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Profile Disclosure
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ISO 26000 Clauses+
Global Compact Principles
1. Strategy and Analysis Click to Expand
2. Organisational Profile Click to Expand
3. Report Parametres Click to Expand
4. Governance, Commitments and Engagement Click to Expand
Disclosures on Management Approach (DMAs) Click to Expand
Economic Click to Expand
Environmental Click to Expand
Social: Labour Practices and Decent Work Click to Expand
Social: Human Rights Click to Expand
Social: Society Click to Expand
Social: Product Responsibility Click to Expand
+ For this table, the corresponding ISO 26000 Clauses as stated in the publication "GRI and ISO 26000: How to use the GRI Guidelines in conjunction with ISO 26000" have been included for reference.
* Indirectly relevant.
- Page references are made to CDL Sustainability Report 2014 unless otherwise indicated.
- AR refers to Annual Report 2013.