Leadership and Culture

The Company has a strong commitment to the triple bottom line approach established by our late Deputy Chairman Mr Kwek Leng Joo two decades ago. Today the Company continues this strong DNA of doing well financially and doing good for the society and the environment, under the leadership of our CEO.

Refining our Vision, Mission and Values (VMV)

Our corporate VMV established since the mid-1990s has gained us good stead in directing our paths towards strong, ethical and sustained business growth. To complement the Company’s business strategy in today’s fast-evolving business environment, an enhanced set of corporate VMV has been set.

The refined VMV, proposed by our Top Management and approved by the Board in 2015, was the result of a rigorous process of internal consultations and gap analysis led by senior staff, Head of Departments (HODs), and a group of high potential employees. The new VMV can be found here. The enhanced VMV will guide our actions in supporting the Company’s new direction, expanded operating environments, and changing expectations of stakeholders, employees and customers.

A town hall involving all staff was held in April 2016 to launch the new VMV and our employees continue to share their stories of how they are applying CDL’s VMV in their everyday interactions towards an enduring and sustainable business.

Setting the Tone for Communication through All Levels

Aligning our corporate culture and employees’ commitment with the Company’s strategic goals is key to our business performance and sustainability. We provide employees with clear directions through regular communication and review of processes at all levels. Our Senior Management and HODs, who are highly involved in setting the direction, meet regularly to look into key issues. Our review and communication channels include:

Aligning with Best Practices

We recognise that organisational capital is in general qualitative in nature and it may not be meaningful to quantify its performance. However, where applicable, we strive to align our policies and practices to best-in-class, international and national standards and rankings including:

Such structures and processes not only build institutional knowledge, but also facilitate continuous improvement to achieve a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive and challenging industry.