Natural Capital

A thriving, healthy natural environment is critical for the sustainability of businesses. The built sector has a high environmental impact – buildings use about 40% of global energy and resources and account for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the largest contributor. The Earth’s natural resources are finite, and the availability of these resources directly affects our bottom line as well as our capacity to create safe and efficient spaces for our customers. As a developer and landlord, our operations heavily rely on natural resources including energy, water, wood and other building materials. The rising cost of these resources will have a high impact on the long-term sustainability and financial performance of our business.

Effective management of natural capital has long been a key priority for CDL. Since adopting the ethos of ‘Conserving as we Construct’ in 1995, we have put in place a host of policies and practices to mitigate our environmental impact. This aims to maintain strong natural capital for CDL, today and tomorrow.

The Environment sub-committee under the company-wide CSR Committee identifies significant environmental aspects and manages impacts that result from our corporate operations, property development and facilities management activities. Under the advice of our Senior Management, we continue to assess our material environmental aspects which include carbon emissions1, energy use, water use, waste, and resource management. In addition, we also monitor and report other aspects such as biodiversity and noise, which are important to some of our stakeholders.

1 CDL’s carbon emissions take into consideration all GHG emissions.