Manufactured Capital

Creating quality spaces for people to live, work and play in lies at the heart of CDL’s business. Building on our expertise and experience as a pioneer developer since 1963, strategic efforts have been put in place to enhance CDL’s brand and product differentiation. This helps us sharpen our competitive edge in an intensely competitive market. Our quality, innovative and green spaces have strengthened our manufactured capital, enabling us to create greater value for our customers and investors.

Over the years, our green building efforts have translated to tangible benefits for not only CDL, but also our homebuyers and tenants. Between 2008 and 2015, 57 of our Green Mark certified buildings achieved energy savings of more than $31 million. This includes savings passed on to homebuyers and tenants from our buildings’ green features.

For over a decade, the Company has been investing between 2% and 5% of a new development’s construction cost on green building design and features. Our promise to deliver quality green homes and commercial spaces was re-affirmed when CDL was awarded the Quality Excellence Award — Quality Champion (Platinum) by the BCA in 2015, earning us the distinction of being the only developer to have received this highest honour for three consecutive years.

As at end 2015, CDL has over 80* BCA Green Mark developments and office interiors — the highest among Singapore developers. Besides tangible cost and resource savings, our pursuit of green building has built a strong reputation for CDL and generated goodwill amongst our stakeholders.

For the full list of CDL’s Green Mark awarded developments and office interiors, please refer here.

* Includes subsidiaries and associated companies