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Did you know that there are more than 120 developers of all sizes and quality in Singapore?

Collectively, they launch dozens of residential projects each year. How then can homebuyers be certain that the project they choose to buy off the plans today will be well-built when they receive their keys a few years later?

That’s what the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) had in mind when they devised the CONQUAS framework in 1989. CONQUAS stands for Construction Quality Assessment System and scores every project built and delivered on a strict and objective criteria.

To help home buyers make a more informed decision, BCA introduced a new framework in May 2023 that converted the cumulative CONQUAS scores from a percentile ranking to a banding system: Band 1 to Band 6, with Band 1 being the best.

So did City Developments Limited (CDL) and our obsessive attention to build quality pay off? We are proud to be ranked as Band 1 – a band reserved for developers and builders that have consistently delivered projects with little to no major defects.

Conserved Trees at Irwell Hill Residences
Whistler Grand

This ranking is based on our track record for the past six years. This is just one of the ways customers can be certain that the home they buy from CDL will be of utmost quality.

Speaking of track records, CDL has also achieved the BCA Quality Excellence Award for ten consecutive years since the inception of the award in 2013.

You can say that we achieved Band 1 status, even before Band 1 existed.

No one has to take a chance in their search for a dream home.

While all new developments come with an array of fitted features, a CDL residence comes built-in with a ranked assurance for Quality.

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