Ready for lift-off at Republic Plaza

  • Ready for lift-off at Republic Plaza
Ready for lift-off at Republic Plaza Ready for lift-off at Republic Plaza

Singapore, 14 January 2020 – Enjoy a new ‘uplifting’ experience at Republic Plaza, with the upgrading of its lift system to a Destination Control System (DCS) that took place in December 2019 as part of its S$70 million asset enhancement initiative.

This new system groups passengers by common or contiguous destinations and allocating lifts accordingly. This allows for a shorter waiting time and fewer stops as the lifts do not have to make stops for every passenger trip. It also enhances security as passengers will have access to authorised levels only.

The team has received positive feedback from tenants, with most citing that they welcome the change thanks to reduced waiting times for the lifts and the ample support from onsite staff during the switchover period.

One Republic Plaza tenant commented, “The overall experience is great as there was rigorous education before the launch, and extensive support from onsite staff during the transition period. There were also plenty of signboards and guides everywhere. The change was seamless.”

“It is an amazing change, as the lifts are more organised and efficient now. It also enhances security for each individual tenant. It’s killing two birds with one stone!” added another tenant.

Together with the upgraded DCS, Republic Plaza is also the first commercial building in Singapore to integrate with the government’s National Digital Identity (NDI) system, using a tool called SG-Verify as part of the visitor registration process.

Ready for lift-off at Republic Plaza

The Republic Plaza office community using the new DCS to access their destination floors.

Ready for lift-off at Republic Plaza

To guide tenants and visitors on the use of the new system, signages have been installed within each passenger lift.

Ready for lift-off at Republic Plaza

Visitors to Republic Plaza can register using their SingPass mobile account to be granted access to the lift lobbies, thanks to a new tool called SG-Verify, cutting down waiting times for visitor registration. (Photo credit: Kelvin Chng/The Straits Times)

SG-Verify replaces the need for visitors to present their national identification card for registration at the concierge. To register, visitors with a SingPass account can now scan the SG-Verify QR code with their SingPass mobile application and select their destination floor at the tablet located at the concierge. After self-registering, they can pass through the facial recognition turnstile at the lobby and gain lift access. This not only cuts down visitor registration time, but also ensures the protection of personal data. SingPass is an online account for Singapore citizens and permanent residents to access government services.

CDL is also planning to integrate the MyInfo feature into CityNexus, CDL’s proprietary smart building mobile application for the Republic Plaza office community. This will allow Republic Plaza tenants to invite their visitors via the app to complete the pre-registration process online. Upon completion, they will then receive a QR code for turnstile access after SingPass verification. MyInfo is part of the same NDI platform as SG-Verify.

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