Using innovative tech solutions to stay safe

Using innovative tech solutions to stay safe Using innovative tech solutions to stay safe

An employee applying an anti-microbial disinfectant coating onto high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons.

Singapore, 19 August 2020 – As daily activities resume in Singapore, City Developments Limited (CDL) has been taking necessary precautions to ensure the health and well-being of visitors and tenants at its properties.

CDL tapped into innovative technologies to ensure that the surroundings are disinfected and sanitised, while also reducing the exposure risk for staff.

The Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot makes use of UV-C light to disinfect and kill bacteria and viruses in the environment. The UV-C light emits over a 360° radius, providing comprehensive area coverage for disinfecting. The robot can also be controlled via a mobile application off-site, improving working comfort for employees as they do not have to be present on-site to manually clean and sanitise.

At its properties, PhotoPlasma Air Disinfection Systems have also been installed at areas with high traffic, such as elevators. The air purifying system allows for the continuous disinfection of air and surfaces to eliminate airborne and surface microorganisms. Similarly, high-touch surfaces, such as elevator buttons and hand railings, have been coated with an anti-microbial disinfectant that protects against bacteria and viruses for up to 90 days.

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