Your voice is my command – Voice AI assistants at Copthorne King’s Singapore

  • What are the ways to improve your hotel stay? Here’s one. Copthorne King’s Singapore has partnered with US-based technology firm, WooHoo, to digitally transform hotel operations.
  • It is part of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)’s Singapore Tourism Accelerator programme, a platform for tourism and tech businesses to collaborate, build new capabilities and reinvent the travel experience.
Your voice is my command – Voice AI assistants at Copthorne King’s Singapore Your voice is my command – Voice AI assistants at Copthorne King’s Singapore

Copthorne King’s Singapore General Manager Mr Kung Teong Wah demonstrating the use of an in-room WooHoo Voice Artificial Intelligence Assistant.

Singapore, 30 November 2021 – Using an award-winning contactless Voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant speaker, guests can use voice commands to play in-room music entertainment, request for amenities, order in-room dining, and adjust the room’s lighting.

It is the world’s first integrated AI assistant that combines the power of Voice AI technologies with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The new features at Copthorne King’s Singapore help to improve the guest experience while reducing service calls by 20%. By reducing staff reliance on taking in-room dining orders or amenities requests, staff can efficiently perform other roles that require a human touch.

With WooHoo, the hotel also sees a potential increase in in-room dining by at least 30%, while concurrently receiving real-time operational insights. Tapping into Voice AI assistance and harnessing consumer behaviour also creates personalised, one-of-a-kind data-driven experiences for guests. Additionally, it reduces miscommunication and conflicts about orders, and speeds up the ordering process for guests. WooHoo also includes push notifications, which allows the hotel to promote events and promotions.

This innovation started with Copthorne King’s Singapore’s participation in the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)’s Singapore Tourism Accelerator programme, as part of the latest cohort launched earlier this year. The programme aims to help tourism and hospitality businesses prepare for the gradual opening of borders, as the pandemic has greatly impacted international tourism. With this programme, tourism businesses are paired with technology companies to pilot new solutions for the sector, allowing them to enhance operations by improving visitor experiences and driving innovation in the industry.

Initiatives like these place Singapore at the forefront of creating world-class experiences, innovating beyond its time and proving that cross-industry collaboration is the way forward.

Watch the inspiring story of this unique collaboration here:

With this new technology that shapes the future of hospitality, Copthorne King’s Singapore further elevates its hotel stay to a world-class experience, signalling the start of a new era of hospitality in Singapore, and beyond.

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