Youths “escaped” climate crisis at CDL E-Generation Challenge

  • 360 youths embarked on an eco-adventure for a green cause
  • Annual event has inspired 1,800 eco-advocates over the last 5 years
  • Refreshed gameplay includes “Escape Room” twist for the first time to highlight urgency of environmental issues
Youths “escaped” climate crisis at CDL E-Generation Challenge Youths “escaped” climate crisis at CDL E-Generation Challenge

The 360 youth participants flagged off and concluded their CDL E-Generation Challenge 2014 at City Square Mall, Singapore’s First Eco-mall. Teams enthusiastically wrote and decorated their eco pledges on recycled paper as they penned down the environmental lessons learnt from the game play.

Singapore, 12 July 2014 – This morning, some 360 youths from 13 tertiary institutions participated in a five-hour eco- adventure around the city and civic district. Organised by City Developments Limited (CDL), the CDL E-Generation Challenge kicked off from City Square Mall, Singapore’s First Eco-mall.

Now into its fifth year, the CDL E-Generation Challenge 2014 is designed as an “ecotainment” outreach initiative for youths aged 17 to 25 years old, to foster eco-consciousness.

The inaugural competition in 2010 saw over 260 youths participating. To-date, the CDL E- Generation Challenge has reached out to some 1,800 youths.

CDL’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Ms Esther An said, “There are mounting concerns over acute environmental issues. Our youths must be equipped with the eco-knowledge to drive change for more sustainable lifestyle habits and choices. With greater awareness, we hope to cultivate proactive young advocates who will drive green consumerism in the near future.”

This year’s theme – “Out of Time” – sought to bring to the fore environmental issues through an interactive and educational gameplay which incorporated “Escape Room” game elements. Participants had to “escape” from an impending climate catastrophe. Uniquely, the refreshed game format incorporated a real-life “Escape Room” experience for the first time.

Participants were faced with logic puzzles, riddles and tasks that revolved around sustainability themes such as Deforestation, Biodiversity, Recycling, Pollution, Waste and Energy – and were rewarded for proactive eco-habits such as recycling their task materials after use. In addition, a mobile app was introduced into the gameplay as a navigational tool to reduce the use of paper.

The CDL E-Generation Challenge 2014 is supported by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), National Environment Agency (NEA), and the National Parks Board (NParks). Event partners include City Square Mall, ECO Singapore and Star Horizon Learning.

Youths “escaped” climate crisis at CDL E-Generation Challenge

The highlight of the CDL E-Generation Challenge 2014 was the specially-configured Escape Rooms where youth participants had to solve a series of riddles and puzzles made out of recycled materials, while being “locked up” in an enclosed space. Once the correct keyword was obtained, teams could then successfully “escape” the room.

Youths “escaped” climate crisis at CDL E-Generation Challenge

At one of the CDL E-Generation Challenge 2014 game stations, teams had to figure out how to retrieve a cork containing a code wedged in a glass bottle. Throughout the game play, youths had to decipher various codes and riddles to help them “escape” from their game challenges. Against the backdrop of the Singapore River, where this “code in a bottle” game was played, youths learnt how they could do their part in recycling waste to curb pollution and keep our water sources clean and safe.

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