At this Academy, the building itself is the lesson and inspiration

Singapore Sustainability Academy
International Women’s Day 2023 Event

At City Developments Limited (CDL), sustainability has been our watchword since 1995, when we birthed our ethos of “Conserving as We Construct”. This green path has led us to be ranked 28th Most Sustainable Corporation in the World and Top Real Estate Company Globally.

But in the age of a climate emergency – where ice is melting and cities sinking – it takes collective action to turn the tide. Countries and businesses all need to play their part to mitigate climate change and achieve net zero emissions.

Leveraging on the extensive partnership with six government agencies and 15 industry and NGO partners, including the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore, CDL designed and built the Singapore Sustainability Academy (SSA), a 4,300 square foot facility located on the roof terrace of Singapore’s first eco-mall, City Square Mall. It supports national environmental and climate plans, such as the Singapore Green Plan 2030, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Housing two classrooms, an office, and a community and collaborative space, the SSA provides a platform for industries, youths and the community across the people, private and public sectors to share knowledge and build partnerships for a more sustainable future.

More than just a facility, the SSA is an example and object lesson in sustainability.

Group Photo Taking for Participants

It was built using sustainably sourced materials certified by Nature’s BarcodeTM System, and is fully powered by 3,200 square feet of solar PV panels on its roof, which generate 60,000 kWh per year. This is more energy produced than consumed, making the SSA a net positive academy.

This BCA Green Mark Platinum Award development has monitors to track real-time energy generation and consumption, and a system that adapts lighting and air-conditioning to maximise energy savings.

Since its opening on 5 June 2017, SSA has hosted more than 930 sustainability-related training programmes and advocacy events as of Q3 2023, involving over 32,300 attendees and counting.

We believe the many ideas exchanged will go a long way towards amplifying positive change and impact for our planet. You could say the writing’s on the wall. And in it too.

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