Because homeowners shouldn’t get a shock from their electricity usage.

In 2012, City Developments Limited (CDL) collaborated with Daiwa House from Japan to incorporate a first-of-its-kind Home Energy Management System (HEMS) in our Echelon condominium at Alexandra View.  

The system includes a home server, an energy management unit, and an adapter for communication with home appliances.  

HEMS enables easy visualisation of home electricity usage data, as well as efficient control of home appliances and equipment, via an iPad app. 

Thanks to a graphic user interface which shows their apartment’s floor plan, residents can monitor energy consumption by room or by individual appliance in real time.  

It also allows centralised control of air-conditioning. Owners can switch units on or off as well as change temperature and airflow speed.


What’s more, the system is able to store and display records of home electrical consumption, as well as electricity charges for the past five years.  

With a system this smart, homeowners can make suitable lifestyle adjustments and derive direct savings on their utilities.  

In other words, they won’t get a bill shock.  

At CDL, we continue to leverage technology to make our customers’ lives simpler and more comfortable.

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