How we warmed up to the idea of free hot water.


In hot equatorial Singapore, almost everyone sleeps in an air-conditioned room.

When it’s time for our morning shower, most prefer with jets of hot water.

Cool night’s sleep. Hot morning shower. That’s how we roll.

During the planning stages of Volari, a luxury condominium at Balmoral Road, City Developments Limited (CDL) looked at this daily ritual and saw an opportunity to reduce power consumption through energy efficient technology.

Working with architects, engineers and various vendors, we reconfigured Volari’s network of water pipes and air conditioner exhausts.

So that whenever the bedroom air conditioner is used, the hot air expelled from the condenser automatically warms the pipes bringing in water into the bathroom.

Thus reducing the need to turn on the heater for a warm shower in the morning.

Less use of electric heaters equals smaller power bills.

Less energy production equals smaller carbon footprint.

All of which adds up to peace of mind.

And a better night’s sleep.

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