A fab way to build bathrooms.

One Shenton (Bathroom)

Bathrooms take up a small part of the house. But they are by no means the least important, for it is where we start and end each day. 

That’s why City Developments Limited (CDL) goes further to create exceptional bathrooms. Aside from using imported quality materials, sanitaryware and fittings, we literally go further to build them faster and better. 

Leveraging best-in-class building technology, we were the first private developer to introduce prefabricated bathroom units (or PBUs) in our condos. Built to higher quality standards, PBUs are assembled in remote factories, transported by truck to our development sites, lifted by crane and installed like Lego bricks.

PBUs are part of the large-scale prefab construction technology – known as Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction – CDL has pioneered in Asia since the early 2000s.

The benefits of PBUs are multifold. First, safety and environment: fewer workers onsite means fewer accidents and less downtime. Less waste is generated. Noise and dust are also kept to a minimum – something residents in the neighbourhood also appreciate.

Homebuyers stand to gain even more. Stringent quality control in factories ensures uniform and superior quality of prefabricated components, enhancing overall building quality.   

Talk about lasting peace of mind, both for homeowners and their downstairs neighbour!

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