How a little hotel hospitality can help create a warmer sense of home.

CDL Residential Host
National Day Celebrations at Haus on Handy

City Developments Limited (CDL) started out as a local residential developer and have transformed to become one of the largest hotel owners and operators in the world.

The confluence of these two distinct businesses has become fertile ground for innovation and service standards.

Our decades of experience in the hospitality industry has given us many ideas to constantly elevate our residential offerings.

One of these innovations is our Signature Residential Services, found in high-end luxury addresses including Boulevard 88, Gramercy Park, New Futura, Nouvel 18 and South Beach Residences.

While projects by other developers may offer some kind of concierge service, our Residential Hosts, being hospitality trained, are a class apart.

Mid-Autumn Event at Nouvel 18

They provide dependable support for every facet of residents’ living experience. With great care and empathy, they help make various arrangements such as hiring private chefs and co-planning milestone celebrations.

Some events are of a communal nature. At a condominium in the city, the team helped to organise a roof-top National Day party, so residents can celebrate and bond as fireworks light up the sky.

Befitting a city with global citizens, our Residential Hosts have leveraged their hospitality experience to organise 4th of July, Halloween and other celebrations not native to Singapore in condominiums with communities of foreign residents.

As our homeowners can attest, the team focuses on people, not just things, and on experiences, not just efficiencies.
Some people look forward to being well taken care of at a luxury hotel on their travels.

With CDL’S Signature Residential Services, that’s an everyday reality, right at home.

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